Disponibile .print Desktop Engine 7.6

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Disponibile il nuovo .print Desktop Engine 7.6, la soluzione perfetta di stampa per gli ambienti XenDesktop

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Benefits of the .print Desktop Engine at a glance:

  • Optimal printing support for remote desktop access via RDP or in virtual desktop environments (VDI)
  • Save time and administration by virtue of simple plug and play installation and administration-free operation
  • No need for server-side administration of printer drivers thanks to DRIVER FREE PRINTING
  • AutoConnect enables all required printers to be made available automatically
  • ADVANCED ADAPTIVE COMPRESSION compresses print data by up to 98%

Features and Functions

This technology allows you to variably distribute the Windows print process in the network. A virtual printer driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway, initially transmits the print data in a printer-independent format. This enables you to use the original printer driver only where it makes sense and is easy to manage. Depending on the application scenario this can be the client computer or a central print server.
Operation of client print properties
The virtual printer driver used with DRIVER FREE PRINTING (ThinPrint Output Gateway) allows you to access all the print options and properties of the target printer. Standard properties of the original printer drivers are read automatically. You can select options such as paper format, duplex print and the correct paper tray in the normal way using the operator interface. Any special functions of the printer can be easily operated using a preview on the Client.
Advanced adaptive compression
With ThinPrint you can reduce your print data volume by up to 98%, thereby significantly speeding up the printing output from your network. Thanks to adaptive compression, the quality of print outs is maintained at all times. The individual components of the print jobs are analyzed prior to transfer and compressed with the best respective algorithm, ensuring high print speed with perfect printed images. Your administrator will also be pleased that the burden on the network has been reduced.
Mixed 32 bit and 64 bit print environments
With ThinPrint you can maintain optimum print output regardless of whether servers, client PCs or virtual desktops are working with 32 or 64 bit operating systems. This can saves on investments for new hardware if no 64 bit printer drivers are available for your printers when migrating to 64 bit.
Printing to thin clients, network printers, printboxes
ThinPrint gives you the option of using DRIVER FREE PRINTING even if your receiving terminals are technically unable to prepare a Windows print job. Because of the Printer Virtualization Layer (V-Layer) you can also benefit from a centralized administration of your printer drivers when using thin clients, printboxes or network printers.
Support for remote print servers and print appliances
ThinPrint .print enables compressed and bandwidth-optimized printing to remote print servers (for example, in branch offices) or print appliances. The administration of printers belonging to the respective branch office is thus outsourced to the respective office.
Size-Optimized Native Printing
ThinPrint can transfer your print data over a network with high compression even when using original printer drivers. This saves on bandwidth and significantly accelerates print output.
SSL / TLS encryption
This ThinPrint .print solution sends print jobs within an encrypted RDP protocol. Sensitive documents are thus protected against unauthorized access during printing.
Connection-oriented bandwidth control for print data

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