Disponibile VMware Workstation 7.0.1

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Disponibile per il download la minor release di VMware Workstation 7.0.1 per Windows e per Linux che risolve alcuni bug della versione 7.0 e aggiunge la compatibilità a nuovi sistemi operativi host e guest, nello specifico:

Per quanto riguarda la lista dei bug-fixes ecco cosa troviamo:

Installation, Upgrade, and Compatibility

  • When installing FreeBSD 8.0 from an ISO image or a DVD drive, the New Virtual Machine Wizard fails to recognize the DVD file or ISO image as FreeBSD.
  • After installing the guest operating system and VMware Tools using the easy install feature, the CD-ROM drive fails to disconnect from the guest installation ISO image.
  • After installing or uninstalling Workstation 7.0, the Windows Firewall service restarts automatically regardless of the previous startup setting.
  • Importing a Windows 7 XP Mode virtual machine fails if you install VMware Workstation in a directory path that contains non-ASCII characters.


  • When switching from quick switch mode to full screen mode on Ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10 hosts, you might experience display problems.
  • When using multiple monitors, if you switch from full screen mode to quick switch mode, the quick switch mode display might get positioned on the wrong monitor.

VMware Tools

  • In some instances, if you choose not to download VMware Tools automatically, the virtual machine becomes unresponsive when you install VMware Tools manually using VM > Install VMware Tools.
  • On Windows guests, attempting to use mapped drives to open shared folders and files with long names on the host, might cause the application to fail.
  • Creating virtual machines on shared folders with SAMBA/CIFS protocol on Windows XP, 2003, Vista, and Linux guests and running these virtual machines on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 hosts, results in an Insufficient permissions/Access denied error message.
  • Enabling scanning for network files in the ZoneAlarm Security Suite application, and attempting to use shared folders in the guest might result in a blue screen.
  • On Windows 7 guests, saving Microsoft Office files on shared folders multiple times, causes the files to become inaccessible.


  • In some instances on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 hosts, when you create a virtual machine the Next button in the Select a Disk Type dialog box is disabled.
  • On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 guests, printers configured on the host do not appear in the guest.
  • Virtual printers might fail to work on Ubuntu 9.10 hosts.
  • The Collect support data feature, might fail on a powered on Windows 7 Japanese guest with the latest VMware Tools installed.
  • When you enable, disable, and re-enable AutoProtect, the Maximum AutoProtect snapshots option is disabled.
  • In some instances, running third-party anti-virus applications such as, Trend Micro Internet Security might cause the virtual machine to fail.

Per maggiori informazioni e per il download:

VMware Workstation 7.0.1 Release Notes

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