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Anche se è un prodotto per il quale non ho una grande esperienza diretta, volevo segnalare una nuova hotfix per Citrix Password Manager 4.6, precisamente la PM461W004.

Ecco cosa viene risolto con questo aggiornamento:

  • In certain configurations, the values of Priority and User Configuration in the Set User Configuration Priority dialog box in the Delivery Services Console are displayed transposed.
  • When you configure a new application with Send Special Key and Set Control Text in Form Action and then create a provisioning template, the User ID and Password fields are missing from the template.

Ecco invece la lista dei fix sostituiti da questa hotfix:

  • When the central store proxy account is granted the minimum permission, a user’s reregistration attempt fails after you “Revoke Security Question Registration for a User.
  • Windows application definitions that include a combination of control IDs and send keys might get corrupted.
  • If a Windows application is defined to use a combination of control IDs and send keys and the application has custom fields, the custom fields’ Edit Text fields might be disabled in the Application Definition Tool.
  • This enhancement adds support for a [Pause] send key.
  • Credentials sent using SendKeys might not be submitted to the correct application if another application is attempting to gain focus. This fix introduces a new setting, Application window focus, that can be set to verify that the correct application has focus.
  • After applying this fix, enable Application window focus in the Advanced Settings section of the Form Actions window for each application that uses SendKeys.
  • Application definitions that include forms where the automatic Submit option is not enabled might get corrupted.
  • The auto-submit feature stops working for some Web applications after editing another application in the same application group.

Non ho avuto modo di testare personalmente l’aggiornamento.

Per maggiori informazioni e per il download:

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