Aggiornamento Rollup 1 per Exchange Server 2010 SP1 (KB2407028)

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Microsoft ha rilasciato tramite l’articolo KB2407028 il primo Rollup Pack per Exchange 2010 SP1.

Prerequisito fondamentale è la presenza del Service Pack 1 di Exchange 2010 (rilasciato il 24 Agosto 2010 e scaricabile qui)

Vediamo insieme quali sono i problemi risolti dall’aggiornamento:

2028967 Event ID 3022 is logged and you still cannot replicate a public folder from one Exchange Server 2010 server to another

2251610 The email address of a user is updated unexpectedly after you run the Update-Recipient cmdlet on an Exchange Server 2010 server

978292 An IMAP4 client cannot send an email message that has a large attachment in a mixed Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2003 environment

982004 Exchange Server 2010 users cannot access the public folder

983549 Exchange Server 2010 removes the sender’s email address from the recipient list in a redirected email message

983492 You cannot view updated content of an Exchange Server 2010 public folder

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