Disponibile VirtualBox 3.2.10 (Oracle VM VirtualBox)

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E’ disponibile per il download la nuova release 3.2.10 di Oracle VM Virtual Box.

Presentata come maintenance release, la nuova versione risolve i seguenti bug:

  • VMM: V8086 mode fix for legacy DOS/Windows guests with EMM386
  • VMM: stability fix
  • VMM: fixed a Guru meditation related to large pages
  • VMM: fixed support for large pages on Linux hosts
  • VMM: fixed a Guru meditation for large memory 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts with nested paging
  • VMM: performance improvements for VMs with more than 2 GB RAM
  • GUI: fixed host key handling if the host key is set to Left Alt
  • GUI: the VM can be minimized from the mini toolbar
  • GUI: handle Ctrl+Break properly on X11 hosts
  • GUI: fixed the case where the user aborted the media selector for selecting the boot hard disk from the VM wizard
  • GUI: added a check for Linux kernels 2.6.36 or later which are known to have the asynchronous I/O bug on ext4 / xfs file systems fixed (Linux hosts only)
  • OpenSolaris guests: use SATA controller by default
  • Storage: fixed I/O errors in the guest after compacting VDI images
  • Storage: automatically repair base disk images with non-zero parent UUID which made them inaccessible
  • Storage: fixed corrupted images if a merge operation was canceled
  • IDE: added ATAPI passthrough support for audio CDs
  • SATA: fixed a potential hang during boot of recent Solaris guests
  • SATA: handle out of disk space and similar conditions better
  • iSCSI: fixed sporadic hangs when closing the connection
  • VGA: fixed missing redraw with multiple screens under certain circumstances
  • VGA: serveral small fixes for legacy VGA graphics modes
  • Bridged networking: fixed occasional host freeze during VM shutdown (Linux hosts only)
  • NAT: don’t check for the existence of the TFTP prefix when delivering a file via bootp
  • NAT: fixed resolving of names at the host resolver
  • NAT: under rare conditions the NAT engine consumed 100% CPU load (non-Windows hosts only)
  • VRDP: fixed memory leak under certain circumstances
  • VRDP: fixed missing redraws with Windows guests under certain circumstances
  • USB: properly discard blocking outstanding bulk URBs, fixes some printers
  • USB: Blackberry fix
  • VBoxHeadless: fixed event queue processing problems which led to hangs if the VM could not be started successfully
  • VBoxManage: don’t crash if parameters with invalid characters are passed
  • VBoxManage: clonehd: fixed a bug where the command aborted with an error message under rare circumstances
  • VBoxManage: metrics: made it work for directly started VMs again
  • 3D support: report GLX_ARB_get_proc_address as supported extension
  • 3D support: guest application stack corruption when using glGetVertexAttrib[ifd]v
  • 3D support: fixed broken 3D support when switching to fullscreen/seamless modes
  • 3D support: fixed 32bit OpenGL apps under 64bit Windows XP/Vista
  • OVF: fixed bug when exporting a VM with multiple attached disks
  • OVF: fixed slow export for certain filesystems
  • OVF: disabled manifest (.mf file) support; manifests are no longer verified on import nor written on export
  • Shared clipboard/Windows: improved the reliability of the shared clipboard on Windows hosts and guest
  • Shared Folders: don’t show an empty directory if filenames with an invalid encoding exist on the host
  • Shared Folders: return the proper error code when trying to list files for a non-existing wildcard
  • Audio: fixed guest memory corruption when capturing from the NULL audio backend
  • Audio: improved playback quality (less choppy)
  • Web service: avoid unnecessary creation of idle threads
  • Additions: fixed bug in the guest execution feature when passing more than one environment variable
  • Additions: refresh all guest properties written by VBoxService after the VM was restored from a saved state
  • Additions: fixed a division by zero crash of VBoxService under certain circumstances
  • Additions: immediately resynchronize the guest time with the host time after the VM was restored from a saved state
  • Additions/Windows: fixed LsaEnumerate error when enumerating logged in users
  • Additions/X.Org: support X.Org Server 1.9
  • Additions/X.Org: don’t crash VBoxClient during reboot
  • Solaris hosts: fixed host DVD drive enumeration on Solaris 10
  • Solaris hosts: added a custom core dumper to procure more data in the event of a VM crash
  • Solaris guests: fixed user idle detection
  • Solaris guests: fixed a possible panic in Shared Folders when using the wrong user or group IDs
  • Solaris guests: fixed Shared Folders from truncating files to 2GB on 32-bit guests
  • Windows hosts: fixed a BSOD under certain circumstances in VBoxNetFlt.sys
  • Linux hosts/guests: Linux 2.6.36 fixes
  • Linux hosts/guests: DKMS fixes
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed missing dock menu entries

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