Disponibile Zenoss Core 3.2.0

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Dopo una prima fase di beta-testing conclusa con successo,  è stata rilasciata la versione 3.2.0 della piattaforma di monitoraggio Zenoss Core.

Vediamo insieme quali sono le novità:

  • Support for receipt of SNMPv3 traps
  • User interface changed features and enhancements, including: Unified event consoles. All consoles appear and behave similarly.
  • Improved component template editing.
  • IT Infrastructure page (device list) shows non-default columns (for example, Operating System, Hardware,and Serial Number)
  • Production state field can be filtered (remembers filter state)
  • Enhanced user interface colors
  • Networks page revised for performance improvements
  • Interface status: operational and administrative up/down status appears
  • Local IP addresses appear in the user interface
  • Collector, system, and group location on the device overview page can be edited directly from the overview page
  • Execute commands from the event console on selected devices
  • zenhub updates
  • zenprocess fixes: processes matched the same way that modeling matches
  • zenwinperf enhancements
  • zenbatchload fixes: locations, groups, and organizers can now be batch loaded
  • Trees lookup performance improvements
  • Chrome and Safari UI enhancements
  • Collapse and expand entire hierarchy (such as device class tree)
  • Automatic event deletion: improved flexibility (deletes in groups of events)
Percorso di aggiornamento supportato:
La community di supporto di Zenoss Core è molto attiva: mi sono trovato spesso a chiedere informazioni sul forum di supporto ricevendo risposte rapide e risolutive.
Per maggiori informazioni e per il download:

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