Disponibile GFI MailEssentials 14.1 Service Release 3 (build 20091123)

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gfiDisponibile un nuovo aggiornamento della versione di MailEssentials 14.1, la build 20091123

La nuova release è disponibile per tutti i clienti con maintenance attiva: ecco le novità

  • NEW: Implemented support for Microsoft Exchange 2010, which involved installing\removal of agents and supporting use of Exchange Web Services for performing public folder training and for moving spam to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.*
  • FIXED: The filename used by the save to disk action was not being stored in the reporting database and in the log file created by the log occurrence action.
  • FIXED: When running in evaluation mode, the number of counted users was not being displayed in the licensing dialog.
  • FIXED: A crash was occurring in the Mail Monitoring functionality when the sender\recipient address included one or more single quotes.
  • FIXED: When the Whitelist\Blacklist entries were exported, the exported entries were being duplicated within the database.
  • FIXED: The x-header which GFI MailEssentials should add to blocked spam for GFI MailArchiver to identify from legitimate email was not being included.
  • FIXED: Email digest was being sent to external recipients. This has been fixed by limiting the sending of email digest only to email addresses whose domain is listed in the inbound domains list.
  • FIXED: The log occurrence action was not including the full path of the file used by the save to disk functionality.
  • FIXED: The Rules Manager was appending \T\ in front of the global rules, causing the folders to be created in a folder named “T”
  • FIXED: Fixed issue in configuration and Directory Harvesting module which was causing a failure when these modules were accessing Windows registry. This issue affected the functionality described in the following two KB articles:


  • FIXED: On upgrading from an older build, the installation was copying the AWI and BSW folders to the default path instead of copying the folders to the folder in which GFI MailEssentials was installed.
  • FIXED: Certain spam emails contained sending server name specified as IP address in received header. Extraction of received headers had been amended to distinguish from IP addresses specified in the sending server name from the IP.
  • FIXED: The importing functionality of the GFI MailEssentials Synch Agent was taking around 90% CPU usage whilst processing.
  • FIXED: A memory leak which affects the GFI MailEssentials Scan Engine service was occurring when the forward to email action is used.
  • FIXED: On importing, the Import\Export tool was not updating the paths stored in the configuration to the path of the GFI MailEssentials instance to which the import was being made.
  • FIXED: In header checking, the option which marks different MIME TO & SMTP TO as spam was taking into consideration external recipients as well. This check has been updated to only match those recipients destined to the inbound domains.
  • FIXED: When the Whitelist module processed an NDR email, it verified the embedded email and, if the embedded email is not available, it verified the NDR email. This meant that if the NDR email includes the embedded email, then whitelisting the postmaster address would not work. This has been changed so that both embedded email and NDR email are verified by Whitelist module.
  • FIXED: In operating systems whose language is not one of those in which GFI MailEssentials is localized (EN, DE, IT, RU, ES), the configuration MSC file was not being installed.

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