Disponibile Citrix Access Gateway Standard Edition 4.6.2 e la Hotfix AAC450W005 per Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.5

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citrix_logoDopo l’aggiornamento di Secure Gateway, Citrix oggi ha rilasciato un aggiornamento per Access Gateway Standard Edition (4.6.2) e uno per Access Gateway Advanced Edition (AAC450W005).

Vediamo quali sono i bug risolti su Access Gateway Standard Edition:

  • If the Access Gateway is configured to use RADIUS authentication and authorization and to connect to Citrix XenApp servers, the Access Gateway fails.
  • If a proxy server is enabled on Citrix Receiver and if the proxy server requires users to authenticate, the connection to delivery services fails.
  • If you enable Require SSL client certificate for users on the server running Advanced Access Control, the Access Gateway fails when users select a client certificate for authentication.
  • The Access Gateway does not refresh the ticket from the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) on a regular basis, which causes the STA server to invalidate the ticket after eight minutes. If users subsequently disconnect the session, it is not reconnected automatically.
  • If users establish a connection and separate STAs issue two tickets, the Access Gateway validates both tickets and requests a refresh ticket from both STAs. The first STA refreshes the tickets twice and the second ticket times out.

Questa è la tabella di riepilogo delle compatibilità Access Gateway Standard Edition:


Vediamo invece i problemi risolti nella versione di Access Gateway Advanced Edition:

  • If the VIEWSTATE parameter is too large in a Web application, the Web page fails to appear correctly.
  • When IBM Lotus Domino Web Access version 7 (formerly known as iNotes Web Access) is configured as Web-based email in Access Gateway Advanced Edition and there are multiple Domino servers in the server farm, when single sign-on is enabled on the servers, users must enter their logon credentials multiple times, once for each Domino server.
  • If users log on to Advanced Access Control and Lotus iNotes and then log off from Advanced Access Control without logging off from iNotes, if a different user logs on, iNotes displays email from the previous user.
  • When users log on using alternate User Principle Name (UPN) credentials and then attempt to access Web resources, users must enter their logon credentials again.
  • When Access Gateway Advanced Edition is configured to use the Web Proxy, Adobe Reader is installed on the client device, and users download a PDF file through the Web Resource, the file downloads with an incorrect name.
  • When users log on to a Macintosh computer using Firefox or Safari Web browsers, client detection runs and offers users the option to download xenappweb.exe.
  • In User Groups properties, on the Gateway Portal tab, the Domain field does not allow a period in the domain name.
  • If there are two network resources configured on Access Gateway Advanced Edition and if both network resources start with the same IP address, users might have access to the network resources that are not defined in the policy.
  • Extended Characters do not appear correctly when the Web site is displayed through the Web proxy. The Web proxy appears to change the Content-Type Character Encoding from UTF-8 format to Western (IS0-8859-1).
  • When logging into Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Edition and if conditions in the list below exist, users might receive the error message “An internal system error has been detected. Please contact your system administrator” after the user is authenticated:
  1. Policies on Access Gateway Advanced Edition allow the Access Gateway Plug-in to start
  2. More than one server is running Advanced Access Control within the farm
  3. Servers running Advanced Access Control are load balanced by the Access Gateway appliance or by an external load balancer
  • If RADIUS authentication is configured using Microsoft Internet Authentication Server (IAS) using German special characters, such as ö ä ü Ä Ö Ü and ß, authentication fails.

Vediamo ora le nuove funzionalità:

Aggiunto il supporto ai sistemi operativi e browser:

  • Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X Leopard (Version 10.5) (32-bit)
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Version 10.6)(32-bit)
  • Internet Explorer 8

Sopporto nuove applicazioni di terze Parti:

  • McAfee AntiVirus Enterprise 8.7
  • Symantec End Point Protection 11.0
  • Trend Micro Office Scan 10
  • Zone Alarm Pro 2010 (on Windows XP and Vista 32-bit only)

Tabella Riepilogativa Compatibilità



Access Gateway Standard Edition 4.6.2

Hotfix AAC450W005 –  Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.5

Access Gateway Advanced Edition

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