Disponibile Citrix Access Gateway 5.0 – Maintenance Release 5.0.2

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Disponibile per il download (Account Mycitrix richiesto) la nuova Maintenance Release di Access Gateway 5.0: il nuovo aggiornamento porta la versione a 5.0.2:

I modelli aggiornabili sono:

  • Access Gateway Appliance Modello 2010 (Appliance fisico)
  • Access Gateway VPX (Appliance virtuale)

Di saguito vi riporto la nuova matrice relativa alle compatibilità dei prodotti:

Vediamo insieme cosa c’è di nuovo nella release 5.0.2:

Access Gateway Imaging Tool

The Access Gateway imaging tool now exists as a .zip file containing all files necessary for reimaging the appliance. You download the .zip file, extract the files, and run the tool. The tool indicates the location of the USB drive. By using the .zip file, you no longer need to select an ISO file.

Certificate Length

If you attempt to import an intermediate certificate to Access Gateway where the Subject field is longer than 128 characters, you receive the error message “Value too long for type character varying (128).”

Secure Ticket Authority

You can now configure up to 25 servers running the Secure Ticket Authority (STA).

Static Routing

You can now add up to 256 static routes on the Access Gateway appliance.

Upgrading Access Controller

You can now upgrade Access Controller from Version 5.0 or Version 5.0.1 to Version 5.0.2 without removing the previous version.

XenApp Services Site

You can configure Access Gateway to use a XenApp Services site, giving users access to virtual applications from their computer desktop or mobile device when they authenticate through the Web Interface.


Per maggiori informazioni e per il download:

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