Citrix Profile Management 3.1

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Mentre stavo scaricando i componenti per fare un aggiornamento da XenApp Advanced a XenApp Enterprise (compreso in XenDesktop 4) ho notato che Citrix ha rilasciato un aggiornamento riguardo al suo strumento per la gestione dei profili utente:  Citrix Profile Management 3.1.
Controllando la documentazione ufficiale online, riporto le novità della versione 3.1 che riguarda alcuni features del prodotto:

  • Folder mirroring. Profile management can mirror folders, allowing the correct processing of transactional folders. For example, mirroring the Internet Explorer cookies folder means that index.dat is synchronized only with the latest version of the cookies that it references, not earlier versions that are no longer required. Without mirroring, multiple copies of the referenced files (cookies from multiple sessions, for example) can cause profile bloat.
  • Deleting stale cookies. Profiles in some deployments can become bloated with stale browser cookies when Web sites are revisited. A setting in the ADM file can be used to delete the stale files.
  • Diagnostic enhancements. Additional Performance Monitor (Perform) counters allow you to measure the time spent: processing registry changes and file changes at logoff; migrating files from the pending area to the user store; and deleting local profiles. No configuration of Perfmon is required to use these counters.

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