VMware rilascia VMware Workstation 6.5.3

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vmware-logoNuova maintenance release per il prodotto VMware Workstation, molto usato dai professionisti dell’IT per ambienti di Test e sviluppo, che apporta numerosi Bug-fix ed aggiunge il supporto a nuovi sistemi operativi guest.

Ubuntu 9.04 è ora pienamente supportato da VMware Workstation.

Fix sulla sicurezza:

* Third party library libpng updated to 1.2.35. Several flaws were discovered in the way the third-party libpng library handled uninitialized pointers. An attacker could create a PNG image file in such a way, that when loaded by an application linked to libpng, it could cause the application to crash or execute arbitrary code at the privilege level of the user running the application. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the name CVE-2009-0040 to this issue.


* On Linux hosts, Workstation will not exit normally if the Workspace preference Remember opened virtual machines between sessions is not selected.

* Workstation virtual machines that were converted from ESX virtual machines might fail if the display is set to 8-bit color.

* After installing and configuring VMware Tools on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, the sound does not work after restarting the guest.

* On a Windows XP Service Pack 2 guest, the Hardware Wizard stops responding when installing Logitech QuickCAm Pro 9000.

* Add enhanced SVGA and mouse drivers to support X.Org server version 1.6.

* WLK DiskStress test fails with data corruption error on LSI Logic virtual device.

* Moving files between shared folders or mapped drives in Windows guests that point to the same directory on the host, cause the files to disappear.

* Pressing any keys while grabbing (for example, Ctrl+g) or ungrabbing become stuck on an Ubuntu 9.04 host.

* On an Ubuntu 9.04 host clicking Tab > Home in a guest makes the Workstation user interface disappear, including the current windows and windows for all other open virtual machines.

* On Windows hosts, videos that are recorded while toggling between full screen mode and standard screen mode fail to play in Windows and VLC media players.

* Workstation has been updated to power on the latest Microsoft Virtual PC files (.vhd). VMware recommends that you create a copy or linked clone of the image. If you do not create a copy, you cannot run the original virtual machine in VPC after running it in Workstation, because the virtual hardware layer has been modified.

* Performance is slow when opening a Shared Folder for the first time in a Workstation Windows guest.

* Drag and drop stops working when color depth is set to 16-bit on a Workstation guest.

* When moving a virtual machine from a later version of Workstation to a 6.5.x version of Workstation, the taskbar icon indicates that a more current version of VMware Tools is available and that VMware Tools should be updated.

* On Linux hosts, when you capture a screen shot to the clipboard by clicking VM > Capture Screen, and paste the image into an image editor, the image colors do not display correctly.

* NAT networking does not work on the latest Windows operating systems.

* If VMware Workstation is installed using administrative installation on a 64-bit Windows host, you cannot use Map or Disconnect Virtual Disks. If you attempt to use these features, the following message appears: Failed to initialize library for mounting and unmounting virtual disks.

* Installing an Ubuntu 8.10 guest from a CD using Easy Install causes the Workstation to hang.

* VMware Tools does not compile correctly on Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04.

* After uninstalling VMware Tools from an Ubuntu 8.10 guest, restart the guest to re-establish the network connection.

* When upgrading VMware Tools on Ubuntu 9.04, the upgrade fails and a message appears indicating that the modules are already installed.

* Default suspend and resume scripts do not activate or deactivate the network interfaces correctly in a 32-bit Ubuntu 9.04 guests.

* Capturing multiple screen shots on an Ubuntu 9.0.4 host, using either the Capture Screen command or the Ctrl+Alt+Print key combination, causes the user interface to become unresponsive.

la nuova versione di VMware Workstation è scaricabile da qui (previa registrazione per la demo)

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