Disponibile Citrix Branch Repeater Software 5.7 e Repeater Plug-in 5.7

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Novità in vista per la serie di prodotti di accelerazione WAN di Citrix; è infatti disponibile la nuova release di Citrix Branch Repeater 5.7 , Citrix Repeater 5.7 e  Repeater Plug-in 5.7.

Le principali novità apportate dal nuovo software riguardano l’accelerazione delle sessioni SSL (compreso il traffico ICA incapsulato) e la completa cifratura del disco all’interno dell’appliance.

Ecco le novità che troviamo all’interno di dell’aggiornamento per gli appliance:

  • SSL Acceleration – Branch Repeater products can decrypt, compress, and re-encrypt SSL data passing through them when set up as security delegates for the endpointserver or endpoint client. Two modes are available: Split proxy, where the Branch Repeaters act as a security delegate for both the endpoint server and the endpointclient, and transparent proxy, where the Branch Repeaters act as a security delegate for the endpoint server
  • Disk encryption for compression history – Strong AES 256 encryption secures compression history stored on the appliance hard disk.
  • Command Center Support -Requires Command Center version 3.3 or later available from https://www.citrix.com/English/ss/downloads/results.asp?productID=1340321.

Sono supportati gli appliance Branch Repeater modello 100, 200 e 300.

Sono supportati gli appliance Citrix Repeater serie  8500 e 8800.

Nella nuova release del client Citrix Repeater Plug-in (ora anche Windows 7 64-bit) troviamo:

  • Allows the home-based, mobile, or small office user to enjoy the benefits of WAN optimization in situations in which an appliance can not be readily deployed.
  • Offers comprehensive TCP flow control, advanced compression, and advanced application protocol optimizations to enhance productivity for PC users.
  • Is compatible with a wide range of secure remote access technologies including popular IPsec implementations and Citrix Access Gateway Standard, Advanced and Enterprise Editions.
  • Adjusts the disk footprint of the Repeater Plug-in based on your needs

Per maggiori informazioni e per il download:

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