Disponibile VMware ThinApp 4.6

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VMware ha appena rilasciato la nuova release 4.6 del prodotto di virtualizzazione delle applicazioni ThinApp.

Vediamo insieme quali sono le novità:

Full Support for Windows 7
ThinApp now supports Windows 7. You can now package legacy applications from older versions of Windows such as Windows XP and Windows Vista into ThinApp packages for deployment on Windows 7. Avoid costly recoding and regression testing and accelerate deployment of business applications to Windows 7 more quickly and securely.

If you’ve used previous versions of ThinApp to create application packages, these existing packages can be upgraded to the new ThinApp 4.5 format without the need of associated project files for the applications. This utility speeds up the upgrade process of existing ThinApp packages.

Performance Accelerator
Reduced page file usage for virtual applications and increased memory sharing between multiple instances of applications allows for quicker application invocation and improved application delivery to end users. This helps to improve user experience with ThinApp at the same time reduces network bandwidth consumption.

Registry Transaction Protection
Ensure the integrity of the registry file and eliminate potential data corruption due to crash or system failure by mapping to a backup registry file.

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