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Annunciato durante l’evento VMworld 2010 a San Francisco, VMware View 4.5 è adesso disponibile per l’acquisto e per il download.

Molte sono le novità annunciate in questa nuova release 4.5, compreso il nuovo VMware ThinApp 4.6.

Vediamo insieme quali sono le novità:

View Client with Local Mode – Provides the industry’s first integrated offline and server-hosted solution for desktop virtualization, addressing BYOPC use cases.

  • Full Windows 7 support – Provides full support for Windows 7. With View 4.5 and ThinApp 4.6, organizations can migrate to Windows 7 at half the cost and time.
  • View Client for Mac OS X – Enables Mac users to access hosted Windows virtual desktops, extending the BYOPC use cases to Mac users.
  • Integrated Application Assignment – Simplifies the delivery of ThinApp applications to end-users using the View Administrator console.
  • Rich Graphical Dashboards – Simplifies management and monitoring through improved reporting and diagnostics.
  • Role Based Administration – Distributes IT tasks to the right administrator.
  • Integration with Microsoft SCOM and PowerShell – Enables integration into existing management infrastructure to further simplify the management of View virtual desktops, as described in the new VMware View Integration Guide.
  • Support for vSphere 4.1 and vCenter 4.1 – Delivers integration with the most widely-deployed desktop virtualization platform in the industry. Takes advantage of optimizations for View virtual desktops.
  • Increased scalability – Allows you to deploy 10,000 virtual desktops per pod and use this modular architecture to scale out across your organization. For more information, see the VMware View Architecture Planning Guide.
  • Tiered storage support – Reduces the cost and increases the performance of storage by enabling you to take advantage of multiple storage tiers, including high performance and locally attached storage.
  • Lowest Cost Reference Architectures – VMware has worked with partners such as Dell, HP, Cisco, NetApp, and EMC to provide prescriptive reference architectures to enable you to deploy a scalable and cost-effective desktop virtualization solution.

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