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Dopo i rumors di qualche giorno fa, VMware ha rilasciato la nuova release del suo hypervisor ESX, VMware vSphere 4.1.

Vediamo insieme le novità della release 4.1:

•    Memory Compression—Reclaim application performance by up to 30 percent by reducing memory contention as a bottleneck
•    DRS Host Affinity—Set granular policies for virtual machine movement (for example, restricting a virtual machine to a specific host due to licensing impact)
•    Storage I/O Control—Set storage quality-of-service priorities for each virtual machine to guarantee access to storage resources
•    Performance Reporting—Deliver key storage performance statistics regardless of storage protocol
•    Array Integration—Leverage new protocol interfaces between VMware and storage arrays for faster performance for vSphere operations such as Storage vMotion events and virtual machine provisioning.
•    Network I/O Control—Set network quality-of-service priorities per flow type for guaranteed access to network resources.
•    “Cloud Scale”—Fully virtualize the datacenter and scale at least twice as large than ever before  – Virtual machines per cluster: 3,000 (more than a 200V percent increase)
– Hosts per vCenter Server instance: 1,000 (more than a 300 percent increase)
– Virtual machines per vCenter Server instance: 10,000 powered on (more than a 300 percent increase), 15,000 registered

Ecco un video  Steve Herrod, VMware’s CTO, Introduces VMware vSphere 4.1

Per maggiori informazioni e per il download:

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