Disponibile VMware Data Recovery 1.2.1

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Disponibile la nuova release 1.2.1 di VMware Data Recovery, il sistema certificato VMware per il backup e ripristino delle Virtual Machine in ambiente vSphere 4.0 e 4.1.

Questa release (Build 369570)  introduce alcuni miglioramenti che rendono il prodotto più stabile e robusto per gli ambienti enterprise: essendo una maintenance release, non vengono proposte nuove funzionalità ma solamente correzioni di bug e miglioramenti di stabilità.

La versione 1.2.1 di VMware Data Recovery è compatibile solamente con gli ambienti:

  • VMware vSphere 4.1 Update 1
  • VMware vSphere 4.0 Update 2

Di seguito la lista dei miglioramenti:

Backup Appliance Security And Stability Enhanced

  • Several changes have been made to enhance backup appliance security and stability.
  • The backup appliance’s drivers have been updated to improve compatibility and performance.
  • The version of OpenSSL used by the backup appliance has been updated.Nonrequired services have been disabled to reduce opportunities for exploits.

Deduplication Store Stability Enhanced

  • The processes Data Recovery uses to complete integrity checks have been improved. Certain previously problematic cases are now handled more efficiently and unexpected cases are handled more smoothly.

Various Enhancements Made To Improve Data Recovery Functionality

  • Data Recovery did not apply the settings for IntegrityCheckInterval and BackupRetryInterval as specified in the datarecovery.ini file. These settings are now properly applied.
  • Logging has been modified to provide additional information.
  • In the past, FLR misidentified some acceptable IP addresses as problematic. These errors would result in the failure to mount valid restore points. FLR now evaluates addresses properly.

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