Disponibile VMware Data Recovery 1.2

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VMware rilascia anche la nuova release del suo prodotto di backup dell’infrastruttura virtuale, VMware Data Recovery 1.2.

Ecco quali sono le novità:

  • File Level Restore (FLR) is now available for use with Linux.
  • Each vCenter Server instance supports up to ten Data Recovery backup appliances.
  • The vSphere Client plug-in supports fast switching among Data Recovery backup appliances.
  • Miscellaneous vSphere Client Plug-In user interface enhancements including:
    • The means to name backup jobs during their creation.
    • Additional information about the current status of destination disks including the disk’s health and the degree of space savings provided by the deduplication store’s optimizations.
    • Information about the datastore from which virtual disks are backed up.

Per maggiori informazioni e per il download:

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