XenServer 5.6 FP1: disponibile la Hotfix XS56EFP1006

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E’ disponibile per il download la Hotfix XS56EFP1006 segnalata da Citrix come critica che potrebbe generare una problematica di creazione/rimozione di snapshot in un Pool XenServer senza HA.

If Virtual Machine (VM) snapshots are taken or deleted when a XenServer Pool is configured without enabling High Availability (HA) support, and one or more slaves lose connectivity to the master node, corruption may occur in the pool.

Customers can identify a corrupted state if the following occurs:

  1. A Storage Repository (SR) scan fails, and space is not freed after deleting snapshots.
  2. Virtual Disk content is inconsistent causing file system error messages within a VM, application failure or worst case, a VM might crash
  3. Attempting to revert to a VM snapshot fails.

This is due to a bug in the XAPI handling of a an HA reset code. This hotfix resolves the issue.

Per maggiori informazioni e per il download vi rimando all’articolo:



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