Disponibile Hotfix XS602E007 per Citrix XenServer 6.0.2

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E’ disponibile per il download la nuova hotfix 007 per l’hypervisor bare-metal Citrix XenServer 6.0.2.

Vediamo insieme le novità:


  1. Restarting XAPI in a pool consisting of a large number of VDIs can cause the pool slaves to enter maintenance mode indefinitely.
  2. Attaching an SR, containing a large number of VDIs to a pool slave, can fail.
  3. Copying multiple Virtual Disk Images (VDIs) concurrently across Storage Repositories (SRs) can cause a pool master to slow down and it may sometimes become unresponsive.
  4. An error message is triggered after a failed attempt to unplug a Virtual Block Device (VBD) connected to a mounted VDI. However, any subsequent attempts to unplug the VBD, will not trigger the expected error message, and instead a time out error message will be displayed after 1200 seconds (20 minutes).
  5. Creating a NIC bond can result in loss of network connectivity when VLANs are present when using the Linux bridge.
  6. Users can now specify the TimeStamp Counter (TSC) mode for a Virtual Machine (VM) by running the command, xe vm-param-set uuid= platform:tsc_mode=<0,1,2,3>.
  7. Constant transmission of low data rate Ethernet traffic through the netback interface can saturate a dom0 CPU.
  8. When creating an SR or a VDI, predefined XML entities, such as “&” entered in the Name and Description fields are written directly into the SR metadata. Any subsequent actions such as creating an SR or a VDI will fail with an error message, as the XML parser will fail to parse metadata which contains predefined entities.
  9. If there is a failure or a change in the number of paths to storage, attempts to create or destroy a VDI on an LVM-based SR may fail.

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